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100mm LED Shower Fan and Light Kit with Timer (477519)

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Model: 477519

This powerful 100mm in-line LED shower fan and light kit with timer, is designed for the safe ventilation of bathrooms, toilets and shower rooms by removing any risk of an electric shock in wet areas as the fan is mounted remotely.

Key Features

  • SFP down to 0.43W/l/s
  • Incorporates an integral adjustable electronic timer (1-20 mins)
  • Quiet Operation
  • Limited to 1.5mtrs of ducting when connected to an axial fan

Technical Specification

Meets the requirements of Building Regulation Document F and L.                         
IP44 rated.  
CE marked in accordance with all the relevant EEC Harmonised Directives.                                   
Double Insulated, class II
Motor fitted with thermal protection
Airflow: Maximum   24 lts/sec

Specific Fan Power (SFP) Requirements

1.0 a. Mechanical ventilation systems should be designed to minimise electric fan

Fan Power power. Specific fan power (SFP) should not be worse than:

i. 0.5 Watts per litres per seconds for intermittent extract ventilation systems

ii. 0.7 Watts per litres per seconds for continuous extract ventilation systems

iii. 1.5 Watts per litres per seconds for continuous supply and extract with heat recovery ventilation systems


Product Range Details

Rated Voltage 12 volt DC 3WMR16 lamp. Powered by an LED driver. 
Maximum Pressure ? 20Pa
Rated Wattage- 10.4watts
Sound Volume-  41dB(A)
Max Operating Temp ? 40deg.C

Kit Comprises of the following:-
In Line 100mm shower fan
White/Chrome fitting Shower Light and fitting.
12 Volt Transformer
1.5mtrs PVC Ducting
Butterfly clips, cable ties and screw plugs
External Grille