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Model 2000 Automatic Hand Dryer (120018131-016)

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Model: 120018131-016

1.85kW is compact, elegant and quiet, the 'no touch' hand dryer is for smaller executive washrooms, kitchens and clinics.

Key Features

  • Approximately 30 seconds drying time
  • Finish gloss ABS polycarbonate alloy
  • Quiet Operation

Technical Specification

Double insulated, Class II

IP24 Rated

CE marked in a accordance with all the relevant  EEC Directives

Air velocity 200m³/hr

Product Range Details

Rated at 2.0kW at 240V

Supply Voltage 220-240V 50Hz

Weight 2.67kg (3.0kg packed)

Motor 2700rpm external rotor motor


Height - 270mm
Width - 263mm
Depth - 140mm
Weight - 2.67kg