100mm Timer Axial Fan Part L Compliant

Model: 446674

100mm axial extract fan with adjustable timer (1-20 mins) designed to meet the new Part L building regulations, for use in bathrooms and toilets.

Key Features

  • SFP down 0.42W/l/s
  • Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting
  • High Quality ABS moulding with external gloss finish
  • Quiet Operation
  • Comes complete with backdraught shutter

Technical Specification

  • Meets the requirements of Building Regulation Document F and L
  • IP44 rated and CE marked in accordance with all the relevant EEC Harmonised Directives
  • Double Insulated, class II motor fitted with thermal protection
  • Airflow: 91.8m3/hr


Specific Fan Power (SFP) Requirements
Mechanical ventilation systems should be designed to minimise electric fan power. Specific fan power (SFP) should not be worse than:

  • i. 0.5 Watts per litres per seconds for intermittent extract ventilation systems
  • ii. 0.7 Watts per litres per seconds for continuous extract ventilation systems
  • iii. 1.5 Watts per litres per seconds for continuous supply and extract with heat recovery ventilation systems

Product Range Details

  • Rated Voltage 220-240v-50Hz
  • Rated Wattage 10.77W
  • Motor speed 2400rpm
  • Noise Level 41dB(A)
  • Max. Operating Temp. 40°C
  • Max. Pressure 20p.a.