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Lo-Carbon Whole House Heat Recovery Ventilation System (442919)

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Model: 442919

This compact, high efficiency residential mechanical ventilation unit boasts up to 90% thermal efficiency while providing continuous extraction of stale air.
The ECDC motors ensure minimal running costs and provide years of trouble free service.

Designed for properties with up to 4 wet rooms (kitchen, bathroom, utility, en-suite), the unit helps prevent noise ingress from external sources by providing supply & extract ventilation without the need for trickle ventilators.

Fully variable control for 'Normal' and 'Boost' provides accurate setting of the ventilation rate, optimising energy efficiency and reducing noise. Insulated foam construction method reduces noise, and improves thermal efficiency.

Fitted with four 125mm duct spigots
Suitable for kitchen and up to four wetrooms
Light weight for easy installation
Fits in a standard kitchen cupboard

? Part F compliant, System 4 continuous Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery.
? Normal, Boost & Purge speeds.
? LoWatt motor offering 90% energy savings and long life.
? Up to 90% heat recovery.
? Washable EU3 filters.
? Boost via 'switched live' connection: PIR, Humidistat, Light Switch.
? 3 position switch
? 2 volt free inputs

Key Features

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Building Regulations compliant
  • Recognised in SAP Appendix Q
  • Normal, Boost and Purge speeds
  • Energy Savings Trust best practice compliant
  • Up to 91% heat recovery whilst controlling condensation
  • Left or right hand installation
  • Light weight for easy installation
  • 3 position switch
  • 2 x Volt Free inputs
  • Easy access washable Filters
  • Compact size
  • Ideal for horizontal fitting applications

Technical Specification


The specification includes a heat recovery system with up to 91% energy efficiency with an easily accessible heat recovery cube protected by two removable EU3 filters. Two Energy Saving fans ensure long life (typically over double the life of AC motors) and lowest possible energy use. Fully insulated construction with built in condensation drain. Specifically designed for new build homes with a high level of insulation.

The unit meets the latest requirements of the Building Regulations Document F 2010 for whole house system ventilation: System 4. Continuous mechanical supply and extract with heat recovery. The unit has 3 fully adjustable speeds including purge setting. In addition, two volt free contacts in the controller offer additional adjustable speed settings. Motors can be individually adjusted to give any speed setting within the performance range.


SAP Appendix Q

SAP Appendix Q was launched in 2005 to reward innovative ventilation manufacturers by testing and listing energy efficient products that assist in helping developers meet their Target Emission Rates (TER).

SAP is the underpinning methodology behind the Energy Performance Certificates and is used to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations for Dwellings ? ADL (England and Wales), Section 6 (Scotland) and ADF (Northern Ireland).