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Whole House Multi-Vent Central Extract System (478188)

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Model: 478188

The Multi-Vent is a whole house ventilation system incorporating features designed to make installation and commissioning simpler and cost effective.


It is suitable for simultaneous ventilation of separate wet areas in a house or flat gathering wet polluted air and discarding it to atmosphere.


Each intake spigot of the unit incorporates an auto air volume regulator which controls the volume and pressure within the ducts, regardless of the duct length. This automatic feature ensures commissioning is much quicker.

Key Features

  • Low noise level ? designed for continuous operation
  • Complimentary range of sensors available
  • Option of wall, ceiling and loft mounting
  • Can extract from up to five wet rooms simultaneously

Technical Specification

The unit has three integral speed settings and an overrun timer.


Height - 310
Width - 340
Depth - 249